Run with purpose.

If no one has ever taught you how to run, HOW do you know you’re doing it correctly? A good coach can give you workouts, a great coach will help you find your true potential.

  • Are YOU always in pain while or after you run?
  • Do YOU want to start running the right way?
  • Do YOU want to improve the way you run?
  • Or do YOU just want to run faster?

Why Hire Me

Run Concepts started as a means for runners to overcome the myriad of injuries that happen by teaching them actually how to run. Almost all runners run, but who taught you how to run? When asked this question almost everyone states no one.

The way a runner’s foot strikes the ground can be the difference between a flow of motion or an injury. Run Concepts is one of the very few places a runner can get a complete run form analysis, run progression schedule and strength programming to overcome and prevent injuries.

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This book has been an accumulation of many years of trial and error by me as an athlete and a coach, as well as some very sound advice given to me by my own coaches that I have had over the years and by other trusted fellow athletes. However, the stem that allowed a concept of coaching young athletes differently than coaching adults came from my own personal care and concern for my children. That care and concern for their well-being turned into a passion, and that passion became a desire to help young athletes find their sporting desires and then enable them to reach their athletic potential and goals.

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My Services

Run video analysis

Get a personalized detailed run video analysis to correct form deficiencies and imbalances that effect run performance. Reduce common injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints and stress fractures.

Monthly membership

  • Includes (3 month minimum):
  • Warmup drills
  • Strength drills
  • Strength exercises
  • Sport Supplement recommendations

4 Week Run Program

  • Run video analysis
  • Run progression schedule
  • Warmup drills
  • Weekly video chats (30min each)

12 week Run Program

  • Run video analysis (every 4 weeks)
  • Run progression schedule
  • Weekly video accountability calls (30min each)
  • Access to membership videos
  • Personalized training program

About Mark Curtis


In high school, I was a quarter-miler and was part of one of the fastest mile relay teams in the state of Michigan. I ran 51 seconds for the 440-yard run and back then it was on a cinder track.

I joined the Navy at 17 years old and volunteered for SEAL training while in boot camp. During SEAL training I was one of the fastest runners in my class for the four-mile timed run in boots, clocking times under 24 minutes regularly. Married to my best friend and now retiring I want to help runners and give them a platform to succeed. Being taught how to run correctly is one of the keys to longevity and injury prevention.

Client Testimonials

My Accomplishments

Four-time National Champion (1983,1985,1986,1988), I was on three World Championship teams (1985,1988,1996) and I won the Individual World Champion title in 1988. I have been an accomplished athlete and coach for over 40 years.

8 x Ironman Finisher. Hawaii Ironman time 9h 13min 54s

4 x Qualifier. Level 1 Certification. Olympic Lifting Certification

Coached 26 All Americans, 2 National Champions

Distance: 122 miles

4 x US National Champion & 1988 World Champion