Monthly Membership


Monthly run training $25.95 per month, billed the first (1st) of each month. Schedule your initial video call here >>

Understanding how to run correctly is just the beginning. Knowing that building strength in your lower legs to support your running is the key to longevity and injury prevention.

In my monthly membership, I provide

  • a pre-run warmup routine,
  • drills to increase strength
  • drills to increase speed.

I will also provide a series of strength workouts, both bodyweight exercises and weights to support your running. Finally I will include injury prevention training that targets specific common injuries, these will help you overcome previous injuries or prevent future ones.


“Extraordinary things rarely happen within your comfort zone.”




Includes (3-month minimum):

  • Warmup drills
  • Strength drills
  • Strength exercises
  • Sport Supplement recommendations


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